Cyrano de Bergerac 2

Cyrano de Bergerac
By Edmond Rostand
This is a monologue consisting of the whole play. Its recommended that you either read the play or spark notes it. But once you understand the gist…you’ll do great! Enjoy.

(Amazed) To see me? (Trembling) Mon dieu! Where?—I—Ah, mon dieu!…mon dieu!…The shop of Ragueneau…Ragueneau—the pastrycook… I’ll be there! Me…to see me!… What is the time? One hour more…  —What time? Have you a pen? (Takes up the pen) Only to write—To fold—To give it to her—and to go… What time now? Come I’ll write to her. Pst…Pst…Pst… (gestures at all the riffraff in the shop). (Sees Roxane—quickly puts on a smile) Welcome…have you good digestion? Good. Here are two sonnets, by Benserade. Do you like cream-puffs? —Do you love nature? Then go out and eat these in the street. Do not return—until you finish them. (Looks in direction of Roxanne) When you remembered to remember me, and came to tell me…what? Ah…Ah?….Ahhhhhh….ah!…Beautiful?!?!—   (Realization)   You have never spoken?—   Why then—how do you know?—  You say he is in the Guards: his name? (Disappointed) And you brought me here to tell me this? Oh…well—I will defend Your little Baron. Of course… (Pause) I will be his friend. Of course…   Of course…  (Pause) Yes, that is Love—that wind of terrible and jealous beauty, blowing over me—that dark fire, that music… Now let me die, having lived. (Pause) A kiss—What is a kiss? A signature acknowledged, a secret whispered, a moment made immortal, a new song sung by two hearts. A kiss. The word is sweet. (Pause) Nothing—only Christian thinks you ought to know. True—what you told him now? Say it, I shall not be hurt—ugly?  Hideous? Disfigured? Even grotesque? I—Roxane—listen— (Pause. Disappointment) All gone…All gone. I cannot ever tell her now…ever…All gone… Why, so am I—For I am dead, and my love mourns for me. Adieu, Roxane! I have two deaths to avenge now—Christian’s and my own! (Pause) His letter!…Did you not promise me that some day…that some day…you would let me read it? “Farewell Roxane, because to-day I die— My own dearly beloved—and my heart still so heavy with love I have not told, and I die without telling you! Farewell, my dear, my dearest— My love—I am never away from you, Even now, I shall not leave you. I shall be still that one who loves you, loves…Roxane. No, no Roxane, no! No—It was not I—No! No, no, my own dear love, I love you not!… (Pause) No, do not go away—I may not still be here when you return…On the contrary…Because of you I have had one friend not quite not quite all a friend. (Pause) The moon—yes, that would be the place for me. A pretty wit—whose like we lack—a lover…not like any other men…Here lies Hercule-Savinien De Cyrano de Bergerac. Let no one help me. Let no one help me. No one.

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