By: David Rimmer

This scene takes place in Boo’s room at school. Boo is sixteen, fast talking and fidgety.

Hey…I just remembered this dream I had last night. I was at this big post party in London, at this really rich house. It was really high up and there was these big picture windows, you could see all the river and the lights of the town. I was with this girl– you know who it was? Trish. We were just lookin’ out the window–And all these rich little old ladies started runnin” around all over the place, all excited, saying’ Mick Jagger’s coming, isn’t that wonderful, Mick Jagger’s coming. They came up to us and they told us be careful cause the latest thing in London now was sadism, and Mick was really into it. Then they flitted away, laughin’ and eatin’ hors d’oeuvres and stuff, and everybody was just waitin’ for Mick to show up. Finally he did, he just walked right in, Marianne Faithfull was with him — she had purple hair. And this whole crowd of little old ladies swarmed all around him. They introduced me to him, and he was incredibly scary-looking, his face, he really made me scared just lookin’ at him. He had lipstick on and make-up and he was dressed like a woman, but it was more like he really was a woman, a woman and a man at the same time. All of a sudden he started pullin’ my hair really vicious, and he had these bracelets on that were made outta spikes, they jabbed into me, I saw drops of blood drippin’ off’ em like a horror movie. I screamed or somethin’, I just ran away I was so scared. I ended up in this room away from the party, nobody around, and I saw this guy sittin’ on a couch, just sittin’ there by himself, really quiet, watchin’ TV. I sat down and watched the TV for a couple of minutes, then I turned and looked at the guy…and it was Dylan.

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