Gods Favorite 1

God’s Favorite
by Neil Simon:

Description:  Basically this monologue of Lipton is about a man conversing about God and Satan, and why there are here on this earth.  The play is perceived to give a more contemporary and liberal interoperation about God and Satan.  It’s used in a way the average person can understand not sustaining biblical influence.

(Points a long arm and finger again)  Stay!  I stay You! I render you powerless and motionless-(picks up the phone and dial)  All right,  I can’t do it but put down the phone please. I’m begging you.  Ill tell you everything (Joe looks at him:  puts down the receiver)  I’ll tell you what I know, take it or leave it…Ok this is how it goes, God and Satan were sitting around having one of those boring philosophical debates-this was about one week ago- Tuesday to be exact.  And that Satan was sitting there in this pink suit-gorgeous tan, little mole, on his cheek…And Satan says there is not
one man on the face of the earth in the entire universe who would renounce God once the devil put enough heat on.  Can you believe that?  Do you understand what that means?  Two grown deites talking like this?  To which God said- this is a quote. They got it on tape- one man would never renounce.  And that man is…(makes a bugle sound) TA Tum TA Tum TA Tum TA Tum TA taa…Joe Benjamin!  Thrills, right…So they make a bet- I’m only telling you what I heard the bet is the devil will make  our life so miserable, you’ll renounce God! So-o-o that’s it? Hell, of a story isn’t
it? No pun intended.

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