Odd Couple

Neil Simon

Hello, Oscar the poker player!..Who?..Who did you want, please?…Dabby? Dabby who?..No there’s no Dabby here…Oh, Daddy! (to the others) For Christ sakes it’s my kid (into phone: clearly a man who loves his son) Brucey, hello, baby. Yes it’s Daddy! (to the others) Hey come on, give me a break will ya? My five-year-old kid is calling from California. It must be costing him a fortune. (phone) How’ve you been, sweetheart?…Yes, I finally got your letter. It took three weeks…Yes but next time tell your mommy to give you a stamp…I know, but you’re not supposed to draw it on…(proud, to the others) Do you hear? (phone) Mommy wants to speak to me? Right… Take care of yourself, soldier. I love you. (and then with false cheeriness) Hello Blanche, how are you?…Err, yes I have a pretty good idea why you’re calling…I’m a week behind with the check, right?…Four weeks? That’s not possible…Because it’s not possible…Blanche I keep a record of every check and I know I’m only three weeks behind!…Blanche, I’m trying the best I can…Blanche, don’t threaten me with jail, because it’s not a threat, with my expenses and my alimony, a prisoner takes home more pay than I do…Very nice in front of the kids…Blanche, don’t tell me you’re going to have my salary attached, just say goodbye…Goodbye! (hangs up, to the others) I’m eight hundred dollars behind in alimony, so let’s up the stakes.

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