Rim of the World


I can’t wait to grow up and move out! I love my parents, but one thing I will never miss is the discipline. You should see them sometimes. My favorite is when they try to get a rise out of me. But I don’t let them see how they make me feel. It makes them nuts. Like last week. Remember Eric’s party. Raging! Most of my friends didn’t get home until dawn. Hey, most of them didn’t get home until daylight. I play the good boy and come in at 2:30. Hey, I know my curfew’s at 1:00. I know I’m late. I’m a teenager! I can tell time. So, here they both come, trying to make it like it’s some big deal. Completely ignoring the fact that I will soon be moving out and will be an adult. Ok, so they say (imitating his father’s voice) “Son, you are grounded.” Ha, what a shock, you know. So I say, “Ok.” Now here is the great part. I give them this little half smile. Not a smirk, you understand, because that would give them what they like to call “just cause”. Then I’d really get it. No, just a little smile, sort of a Mona Lisa kind of thing. It just kills them. They don’t know what the hell I’m thinking. So, even though I get punished…I win!

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