Say Goodnight Gracie

Ralph Pape

See, basically, in my job, ya can perform new stuff, which is to say right now stuff, or ya can do ‘70*s stuff, mainly the ballad stuff for the slow numbers, but ya gotta stay away from ‘80*s stuff ‘cause for some reason the kids just don*t wanna hear it. Yeah, one night I figured the whole thing out. What it boils down to is cycles. C-Y-C-L-E-S. Cycles. Like ya have cycles of war and cycles of peace. And of course your washing machine has three basic cycles. It*s the same with everything. People are born, people die, little people, called children, grow up and take their place. Ya follow what I*m talkin* about? I mean it*s life, it*s the way Jesus intended. And it*s the same thing with music, man. So, the way I figure, ‘80*s stuff should become real, real popular again in the ‘10*s, and ‘70*s stuff will probably be, like, modified, and become the new music. Now, I really dig a lot of the sounds that were put down in the ‘80*s, ya see what I*m sayin*? But what can I do? It*s not my job to tell people what they should like, and besides, everything comes around again in the end, so it don*t, really matter. And I*ll tell ya, I take great comfort from that, I mean I used to worry about gettin* old, but the beautiful thing, man, is that THERE IS NO SUCH THING! ‘Cause somewhere out in space, or time . . . or someplace . . . all the moments of our lives are still goin* on . . . it*s like this movie . . . and we*re all in it . . . and after the universe is destroyed by, uh, whadayacallit? Armageddon? Yeah! Right. After that happens, then everybody will realize that OUR ENTIRE PURPOSE on this planet was just to sort of lay back, stay mellow, and go with the flow . . . and that*s why, in this cosmic sense, it don*t matter whether it*s ‘70*s stuff or ‘80*s stuff or ‘90*s stuff or ‘50*s stuff or whatever . . . ‘cause it*s all the same stuff!

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