Willie Wonka


By Richard R. George

Adapted from the fantasy by Roald Dahl

Scene One



The narrator is enthusiastic and the tone of voice is convincing and somewhat happy.  The narrator is like a news reporter who updates the audience on what happens in the beginning of each scene and describes each of the characters.


Welcome to the tale of a delicious adventure in a wonderful land.  You can tell it will be delicious-can’t you smell it already?  (He sniffs)  Oh, how I love that gorgeous smell! You’ve all heard of Cadbury’s, Hershey’s, Nestles, Wonka-what’s that?  You say, what’s Wonka?  You mean you don’t know what Wonka is?  Why…Wonka Wonka Chocolate…of course!  I admit that Willy Wonka’s Chocolate is fairly new but it’s also the greatest chocolate ever invented.  Why, Willy Wonka himself is the most amazing, the most fantastic, the most extraordinary chocolate maker the world has ever seen.  He’s invented things like…say…why…I’m not going to tell you what he’s invented.  You came to see for yourself!  So I’ll let you do just that.  Well, anyway, there was a big article in the town paper saying that Mr. Willy Wonka, in order to sell a lot of candy once again, was running a contest.  Yes, sir, that’s right…a contest!  He had secretly wrapped a Golden Ticket under ordinary wrapping paper in five ordinary candy bars.  The candy bars were said to be found anywhere…in any shop…in any street…in any town…in any country in the world, upon any counter where Wonka’s candies are sold.  The five winners will tour Mr. Wonka’s new factory and take home enough chocolate for the rest of their lives.  Now that, my friends, is where our story begins. 

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