Keely and Du

by Jane Martin

Hello, Keely. (No answer. She regards him.) Your dad*s well. I see him every day. I brought one flower because I didn*t know what else to bring. I got it out of your yard. (He puts it at the bottom of the bed and backs away again.) Are you all right? You look all right. (He turns to WALTER.) What I did, it was something an animal would do. I should have been killed for it. I would wake up in the middle of the night and think that. Every night. I couldn*t stand to look at myself. I didn*t like to look down and see my hands or my feet. I wouldn*t use a pen or a pencil because then you have to see your hand. I grew a beard because I couldn*t shave. I wore the same clothes all the time, I was up to a quart of booze a day. I was out. I wasn*t human anymore. I won*t describe it. Remember when we went down to Pensacola? That was some trip. Hey, I got your cat. I*m taking care of your cat You got it after, right? I*ve been wondering what its name is? Your cat. What its name is? It*s a great cat. I call it Stripes, you know, because I don*t know. (A long pause.) I would cut off my hand, you know, like they used to do. I would do that if it would make a difference. I would do anything.Anything. Take me back. Forgive me. I loved you in a bad way, a terrible way, and I sinned against your flesh and spirit. God forgive me. I*m an alcoholic but 1 don*t drink now. I don*t know. . .1 was. . .lived like. . .didn*t know right from wrong, but I*m with Jesus now. I accept him as my Lord and he leads me in his path. I will stay on the path. I will stay on the path. We were married, Keely, you are carrying my baby, let*s start from there. I put you on a pedestal, Keely, I do, I wouldn*t say it, and I am in the mud, I*m drowning and I ask you to lift me up and then we minister to this child. Jeez, Keely, our child. You know in my house, in my father*s house, Jeez, what were those kids, they were nuthin*, they were disposable. In your house, right, you know what a time you had. You know. But it can be different for him. I*m different, look in my eyes, you know that. Hey, my temper, you know, I don*t do that, it*s over. (Indicating WALTER.) Ask him is it over. I think about you every minute, every day. I want to dedicate my life to you, because it*s owed, it*s owed to you. You got my baby. I hurt you so bad you would kill a baby! That*s not you, who would describe you, you would do that? Jeez, Keely, don*t kill the baby. I brought a book we could look up names, we could do that tonight. You pick the name, I would be proud. I*m going to wait on you. You*re the boss. They got me a job. I*m employed. Five o*clock, I*m coming home. Boom. No arguments. I help with the house, we can be partners, I understand that guys, you know, we didn*t get it, you know, that was yesterday, that*s over. I*m back from the dead. I don*t say you should believe, me but because the baby you should test me out. You gotta take my hand here, we could start from there, I*m asking you. (His hand extended) You don*t have to ask me to be on my knees, I*m on my knees. What am I without you? I*m only what I did to you. I can*t demand. What could I demand? Choose to lift me up. Who else can you save, Keely, but me? I*m the only one you can save. This is make or break, Keely. Right now. Right now. Close your hand, take my hand. You know what I mean? One gesture, you could save me. We could raise a child. With one gesture we could do that. Come on, Keely. Come on, Keely.

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