Late To Class (Film Project)

Camera Movement

Description: You are the editor of a scene to be filmed in and around the classroom using a variety of camera setups and movement techniques. You are to read the scene description below and then the shooting schedule for the different takes. Create a storyboard and shot list and plan your edit of the scene. You are encouraged to research editing techniques from famous films and use these in your edited version wherever possible. Once your edited version is completed, you are to write a production role essay using the template provided. This essay can be no more than three pages, including your source list.

Scene Description: A student is rushing to class because they are late. In the classroom, the instructor waits with the class for the last student to arrive. The scene should use parallel editing to indicate both situations and to increase the anxiety the closer the student gets to take their seat.

Shotlist: classroom
Pan (l-r and r-l) of class (MS)
Tilt (CU) of textbook (u-d and d-u) held by teacher Static of empty chair
Canted (Dutch angle) static of empty chair Tracking (r-l and l-r) of class
Tracking (r-l and l-r) of instructor
Dolly-in and dolly-out of instructor (ms – cu) Vertigo of instructor
Crane up from instructor
Crane down to instructor
LS of late student arriving
Zoom out of late student seated
CU of instructor after arrival and head turn
CU of door handle (int)

Shotlist: hallway
Static of student walking up stairs toward camera
Tracking of late student from stairs to classroom (ms) head Tracking of late student from stairs (cu) feet
Tracking POV of late student from stairs to classroom
CU of door handle (ext)

The class will endeavor as much as possible to use slated shots and match the names on their shot list. There will be an opportunity for students to add shots should they wish to but the above listed are to be used to tell this story.

Sound: Students are welcome to add sound but this must be genuine and authentic.

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